Colorimetric research and creation of the colour.

Follow the artist through a guided tour of the studio in which Jean-Pierre Bailly has not only taught for over twenty years, but also takes refuge, creates and experiences the alchemy of colours.
Enter his kingdom, his “cellar” as he calls it. A place where you will listen to classical music and see a major world of colours.

The artist uses spray-guns (in the foreground), equipped with tubes of different sizes.

The artist at work carrying out metoilic work

The first thing he does is to “bathe” his studio in a lyrical atmosphere. That enables him to achieve an ideal state of plenitude and serenity to express his emotions with a passionate enthusiasm and excitement. “The magic of colours”, so he says, will then invade you and you will be carried away in his imaginary and mystical world, in which poetry and reverie blend.


A true invitation to travel between reality and the cosmic one.

He mixes several techniques, that of painting on metal and aerography, to which he adds tunning and deco methods.
He uses acrylic urethan resins and polyurethans varnishes, which he enamels and sprays either with stencil key sets or with a free hand technique.


Spraying of varnish on a metoilic before heating in a furnace.
The painting cabinet with its two easels.
One can see a model drawing on paper in the center of photography

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