Jean-Pierre BAILLY was born in 1944 in Etampes (Essone). For over twenty years he has chosen to live and work in Montpellier, between the Cevennes and the Mediterranean Sea.

The man is passionate, loves freedom, impertinent and somewhat provocative. Being a perfectionist, he unceasingly is in quest of beauty and relishes a well-done job.
Here is a born organizer, a leader, endeavouring and ready to face any challenge with pleasure.

Sensitive, romantic, Jean-Pierre BAILLY is in love with nature and especially with its colours. Photographer at times, he captures the light, the shades, sparkling iridescent effects on the water of a river. As he contemplates the sea and its infinite blue-green iridescent reflections, Nature is for him a motherly source in which he finds serenity and inspiration.


After graduating from the “National School Victor Bar” of Versailles (78), he enters the ENNA of Paris in 1972 and obtains a State degree in metal-frame painting.

From 1993 to 2000, he follows various training courses in Technical Arts such as : Fresco, Colourimetry, Chinese Calligraphy, Landscape, Photography, Infography.


He was chairman of the GAMA association from 1974 to 1985.

He has been teaching metal- frame painting since 1984 at the Mediterranean Junior High School in Montpellier. He has been a member of the Car Expert National Jury from 1980 to 1998 and awarded knight in the “Palmes académiques” in 1999.

He has been chairman of the “CHOEURS DE FRANCE PROVENCE”, choir singing association since 1999 and since 2002 he has founded and presided over the “UMAI”, artists association.



1981 Author of a professional work at “Educalivre-Casteilla Paris” Editor

1994 Création of first Métoilic®

1995 Diverting usual objects “Série de chaises” ("series of chairs") .

1999 Contemporary Sculpture "Le Rétrovisier".

2000 Monumental Fresco “Liberté” ("Freedom").

Original film ideas carried out by Pierre Guy / ALTAMIRA (Montpellier)

2001 Film “Eco peinture” ("Eco painting") duration 5 '.

2002 Film “Poésie en couleurs” ("Poetry colours") duration 26 '.

2004 - 2006 Creation firm-logos

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